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One learns a lot from running a business on your own for many years. I have done that. And very often, the hard way. But never been giving up. Since way back, I have worked with companies and personal clients all over the world. I live the uber-popular and growing lifestyle as a “Digital Nomad.”

We are the new hustlers and trendsetters of the completely re-formatted way living, working and self-educating. We’re stepping out of the norms.

I have been a Web Designer and blog creator since pure HTML was the standard. And I have helped numerous clients through planning, working with and growing websites like blogs and company websites. Last three years I have specialized in web stores using Shopify for people who want to sell stuff online.

But the coaching and motivational part have been just as important. And through my 17 years as a martial arts trainer (1.Dan -3) in Taekwon-Do, I promote much of that lifestyle and way of teaching to my clients and students.

You will NOT be assigned to the average coach. You will not be taught only practical, cool methods. I’m not limiting my teaching to lifeless content that wouldn’t benefit your inner growth.

My availability is for both personal work relationships, Mastermind groups, and bigger classes.


PS. Below is the film that was featured at Shopify headquarters, blew up my Twitter account, and motivated a lot of people. You’ll get a glimpse of how I have been working.

7 Steps on how to master yourself

You may not need my training...

Or you think it's costly. But what I offer for my students makes all the difference.

So, I'm giving it to you; Get to know and understand the 7 steps yourself. They WILL make a change and create powerful impact.

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