Some Client Praise & Comments

If you got questions and struggles in your life, that you would like to change or make different, having a conversation with Johnny is totally worth it. He is a fantastic listener, good coach and brings great advice. He is trying to find the causes and reasons for your situation and helps to move on. After my mentor meetings with Johnny, I always get re-charged with a lot of positive energy! He is a wonderful and honest person, and he has given me the last nudge I needed to make a shift and start my own business.

Silje, Norway

Hotel Receptionist

For someone who quit school at a young age and has no education it is very good to know that there are different paths you can take to earn a living in life. The inspiration Johnny has given me trough these years has been truly life changing!

Andreas, Norway

Inner Journey Explorer. Upcoming blogger

Johnny is the best person I've ever known. He gives me direction and guidance with work and my personal life, suggesting what is best to do and what isn't. He is a very nice and kind human being. Stay blessed and be with me always, Johnny!

Aarti, India

Developer, self employed

You can tell Johnny is a great coach by his skill to listen, his patience to wait and his positive attitude. When Johnny shares it isn't just a random solution, it's an advice and it comes from his heart. You will find in your advantage that he utilizes his past experiences, present knowledge and future wisdom to impose a positive atmosphere when there is none.

Kenneth, Malta

Customer Supporter

Johnny has given me invaluable years of emotional growth, spiritual enlightenment, as well as endless life hacks! I have immensely benefited from his guidance. Johnny’s patience and experience enable him to teach me how to recognize my strengths, weakness, and my gut feelings. He is very honest, but also in a kind and loving way.

Rizka, Indonesia

Former researcher assistant

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